Monday, April 8, 2013

Peanut Butter and ChocolateThumbprint Cookies

I don't know about you, but I have noticed that I when I bake I never seem to get as many cookies as the recipe says it should make. I blame this largely on the fact that I probably eat enough cookie dough to make up most of the difference...  Eating cookie dough is one of those guilty pleasures-- I know I shouldn't be eating it because of the raw eggs, but it's just so good I can't seem to help myself from taking a finger lick here, a pinch of dough there, etc. I don't really want to know how many cookies worth of cookie dough I usually eat while making cookies!

So imagine my delight at discovering a cookbook put out by one of my favorite food bloggers (Love and Olive Oil) featuring nothing but recipes to make with cookie dough--and it is guilt-free because she came up with delicious tasting dough that is egg-free! Seriously, if you are a secret cookie dough lover like I am you need to check this book out: The Cookie Dough Lover's Cookbook. You're probably going to be seeing a lot of cookie dough goodies on my blog in the near future, because I want to try out just about every recipe in this book!  Out of respect for copyright laws and the hard work that Lindsay put into her book I won't be sharing the recipes here, if you think it looks and sounds delicious you just might have to get the book for yourself!

The first recipe I tried are the Peanut Butter and Chocolate Thumbprint cookies. It just really tickled my fancy to be making a cookie dough cookie! This is a peanut butter thumbprint cookie with peanut butter chocolate cookie dough in the center and a drizzle of melted chocolate over the top. Yum.  The chocolate cookie dough in the middle was absolutely rich and delicious. My husband laughed at me when I told him that eating these cookies made me feel like I was being naughty, but it was fun flagrantly indulging in the guilty pleasure of eating cookie dough. Clearly I don't get out much.

I have to say, I had a little bit of trouble with the cookie part of it, which may have been due to an error on my part, I'm not sure. I ended up needing to add a good amount of extra flour to prevent the cookies from flattening too much to be able to even create a little divot for the cookie dough part to sit in. It also turned out a bit crunchier than I was hoping for, but that is probably just a personal preference on my part. Next time (and yes, there most certainly will be a next time!) I make these I might experiment a bit to see if I could make the cookie part more similar to the texture of a Peanut Butter Blossom cookie, although looking at the picture in the book, that is what her cookies look I'm not quite sure what happened to mine. Anyway, stay tuned for more cookie dough goodness in the near future!

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