Monday, April 22, 2013

Peanut Butter M&M Cookies

So we took my son (2 1/2 years old) to an Easter egg hunt this year at our church. I'd like to say that he enjoyed it, although I think that he was mostly just overwhelmed. We're still working on the social interaction with other kids your age thing. For some reason he prefers to converse with adults or much older kids, and gets a little panicky about interacting with other kids his age. When it was time to actually hunt for the Easter eggs, which were just spread out on the lawn for his age group, he approached it like he does with most things--very methodical and one at a time. Honestly, I kind of appreciate his approach to things like presents, etc-- he wants to enjoy each one before moving on to the next.  Of course all the other kids had the idea of picking up as many eggs as you could (my husband coined the term "swarm of locusts") as quickly as you could, and there was Ryan picking up one, shaking it, and wondering what was in it. I think he managed to get 4 on his own in his basket, with much encouragement on my part to just go ahead and pick up some more and we could open them later. Poor little guy--we got a picture of him with a very stressed out look on his face. Maybe next year will go a bit better.

Anyway, they also had games at this event including guessing how many pieces of candy were in various containers. My husband helped him come up with some guesses for the ones with candy in it that we thought he would actually eat, and he managed to win a bottle full of M&M's. There were 700 some in there if I remember right. Of course, being a typical 2 year old he subsequently decided that he didn't want to eat said M&M's because he discovered that he really loves Jelly Beans instead.  So I felt at liberty to commandeer his M&M's and bake with them!

My Mom is a good cookie baker, and one of my favorites that she would make when I was growing up was peanut butter M&M cookies. For some reason having that bottle full of M&M's sitting around made me really hungry for those cookies. The only problem though is that her recipe makes a crunchy cookie, and my husband has a strong preference for soft cookies. (Ok, I'll admit it's my preference now too).   So I did some searching on blogs to see if I could find a soft peanut butter M&M cookie, and I did!  I found this recipe from Sally's Baking Addiction (along with some other delicious looking recipes that I will probably be making in the future!). 

I followed the recipe exactly, and they turned out soft and delicious.  I showed my son the finished product thinking I might be able to tempt him into trying one... "No, M&M's on cookies are yuck." Sigh. Some day maybe he will appreciate my baking efforts--until then, more for my husband and me!

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